Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tips to Use your blog to Make Money Online

If you have a blog and your blog have original contents and want to make money then there are some tips to adopt and start online rning via blog. Many methods to make online money on internet. Elance, Info links and more site offer to rn money But Google Adsense is the best to rn money. Now a day you rn high amount from Google Adsense Its offer to blogger to place ads on your blog. Following some tips to make online money through your blog.You have a blog or websiteYou crte a free blog on,,www.wordpress.comYour blog contain high quality and fresh contents and avoid copy pastYour blog contain Hdlines. Hd lines attract to visitorsGet a good domain for your blogSet a good and attractive theme for you blogYour blog contains on blog Posts and PagesAdding s to your blogUse Social Media Plug-in into your blogYour blog contain on Google Srch Index

How to apply for Google Adsense and get Google Approval
Following steps that how to get your Google Adsense account

Go to the with username and

Select your language and add website on which to show adds.

In Next submit your Adsense Appliion and fill the form

After Submitting you receive a message and Email from Google AdsenseAfter one or two weeks Google Adsenese Approve your appliion and active your account.

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