Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to recover lost in Ubuntu

Ubuntu, which is more secure and flexible way to work with but what if you lose your account which is used to login to your user account. So why do you lose your !! well there are many rsons like you may forget what you selected during the ubuntu installation process or you may forgot your because there are too many s to remember and etc.., Well if this is your problem too then this post will help you.

To recover your lost ubuntu follow these simple steps.

Step #1: Just reboot your system and enter boot menu.
If your are good ubuntu user and had a single boot i.e ubuntu is the only OS on your computer them press and hold Shift while booting, thus you can see some boot options.
If you are dual boot i.e you use /mac/other Linux distribution along with ubuntu then you can automatically see some boot options without the need to hold shift .

Step #2: From boot options select recovery mode.

Step #3: After selecting the recovery mode wait until the boot finishes. Once the process finishes you have to select Drop to root shell prompt in the list in order to reset your .

Step #4: Once you're in, the things are very sy, just type
ls /home
Note: Here in "ls" l = lowercase of L but not "i"
Step #5: This gives the list of user accounts, Now type this command and press enter.
passwd username
Here replace username with the username you want to reset.
Step #6: Now you will be prompted for a new , just give your new (you will not see your while you type) and press enter, you will be prompted to retype so retype the again.
Step #7: Now simply type exit and press enter to come back to recovery menu. That's it your done with resetting your .At recovery menu, select resume normal boot, and now you can login to your ubuntu because you know the .

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