Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lrn Batch File programming

Batch File programming refers to a batch file which are essentially sequences of DOS commands and are stored in a text file with an extension of “.BAT”.Usually batch files are used to do repted tasks i.e To do a regular task you do not need to type in the commands over and over again, instd you can crte a batch file which consists set of commands, So when you execute it it will do your task automatically!
Why Do You Need to lrn Batch Programming ?
Yes every user will get to this question because they don't know the rl power of Batch Coding and many of them think that its only a funny thing which can do a few notepad tricks....You have to believe that Batch Coding is widely used by s for some attacks like DNS poisoning, Crting Viruses, service Disabler, Bombers, Extension Changer, logger remapper etc.., So if you rlly want to become a specialist in security stuff get to the basic and lrn Batch File Programming.
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