Thursday, May 26, 2016

MiniLyrics 7.6 update free download

Minilyrics - a small add-on the most popular media progryvatelyami, including Winamp, Aimp, Media Player, iTunes, foobar2000, and many other well-known media player that allows you to see the text of any songs that are currently playing. In fact, its function is just a sequential display lyrics while playing it. If you have an Internet connection, this small utility to sily find the lyrics of different ispolniteley.Stoit give you a tm player to
play songs like MiniLyrics immediately find the text and will display it in a special window. That line, which the musician performs at the moment, will be highlighted, so you can sily come to the right place. MiniLyrics will be useful and if you just can not make out the words on hring a song that is performed on a foreign language.
===Download info===
file size: 2 mb
Download here

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