Thursday, May 26, 2016


Bascom-AVR - a software environment for crting executable for AVR microcontrollers close high-level language to the basic rule. The structure includes the Bascom compiler programs, editor, debugger line simulator, a simplified terminal emulator, the system of contextual information and services freight hardware emulators and programmers.
provides asfollows:
- the range of data representations numeric variables little s in floating point format (24 bit mantissa)- Working with string variables;- Operations with variables indexed arrays;- A complete suite of data format conversion;- Logical operations and arithmetic with signed s (two's complement) and unsigned;- Arithmetic operations with s in floating point format;- All standard test conditions of operation, loops, hits and subroutine call;- Support for devices hardware. operators are working with devices loed on-chip microcontroller and external devices, the most commonly used in microprocessor systems. The strongest support offered to work with port and the indior of character. BASCOM-AVR operators designed to work with data from internal and external memory (RAM). BASCOM offers significant cost reductions in programming time. Moreover, strong integrated support of many common physical devices provide additional comfort. Compared with the C language compilers, Bascom gives a much more compact . The compiler allows you to crte programs for all models of AVR microcontrollers. Intended compiler settings in any model of the microcontroller. All names of the records used in the program are determined by an external file that describes their addresses. As a result of the compilation can be obtained from executable files in binary or hexadecimal format.
Download BASCOM-AVR from here.
Download of BASCOM-AVR from here.

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