Thursday, May 26, 2016

Use Virtual COM port in your Laptop

Now aday's in laptop you not have a COM port, but u need todevelopappliion on bases of COM port and u need to test it then.

I have asolutesfor that.

Virtual Port Kitcrtes virtual ports and connects ch pair of them via a virtual -modem cable. So, all the data written to one virtual port can be immediately rd from the other one, and vice versa.

UsingVirtual Port Kityou can emulate unlimited of ports and connect ch pair of them via a virtual -modem cable.So, your appliions can exchange data just like they do via hardware ports and rl -modem cables.

For example, using VSPK, you can crte pair of virtual ports (e.g. COM7 and COM8) and connect two appliions to them. All data that the first appliion writes to COM7 is rd from COM8 by the second appliion, and vice versa.

ExampleIt is sy to test. You can run two copies of terminal program (e.g. standard HyperTerminal) and connect them to COM7 and COM8.So, all you type in the first HyperTerminal will appr in the second and vice versa. You can also transfer files between HyperTerminals and do whatever you want.
You can download from hr.

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