Thursday, May 26, 2016

Maxing out your Dropbox referrals (how I got 16GB for less than $10)

A friend of mine a while back shared a cool little with me. How to max out your bonus space on Dropbox by using Adwords. (Note: I am on the 50GB plan, where you can max out and additional 16GB by having 32 friends sign up and install Dropbox.)
Sign into your Google Adwords account and crte a new campaign.
First select the countries, I went with all, but took out China and a couple other ones – honestly I don’t think this made much of a difference.
For languages I chose: English, French, Japanese, German and Spanish. Select all Networks and all Devices. Your budget should max out at $20/day (you won’t need to run this campaign for more than 1-2 days).

For the words, I ran with the following list: dropbox, free online storage, online backup free, online backup, online backup data, and dropbox space:

I maxed out all CPC at $.05. As you can see above the average CPC was actually $.03.I ran two different ad copies which you can see below. I focused on the word ‘free’ and the ’2.25GBs’ that one would get with signing up.

This campaign ran for roughly one and a half days and ended up costing a whopping $9.80. So this now gets me an extra 16GB for life for less than $10, I’ll take it! Check out the data below. You’ll see that actually a lot more people signed up, but not everyone made it through the process of installing and getting Dropbox up.

Proof of the pudding:


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