Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tool to Control Mouse Pointer on Computer by Hd Gestures

There are many input devices available out there for computer with which you can control the mouse pointer. In fact we are lucky enough to have all these but what about people with disabilities who can’t use physical hardware. For those who can’t control hand but can move their hd here is an app for you to help move mouse pointer. The human gestures act as the input here.

Camera Mouse 2011is a free appliion for PC that lets you navigate and control the mouse pointer on a computer by moving your hd. Once after installing and launching Camera Mouse you need to select the camera source. After that select a fture on your face and that reference point gets marked with a green box. Either you can wait for the app to automatically move mouse pointer with hd movements or hit Ctrl to quickly start. You can move your hd across in front of screen and launch new apps by clicking on visually.

By default the auto start delay is set to 4 secs and clicking is disabled. Hd over to Settings and change time delay or enable clicking to help navigate. TheCamera Mouse app works well on 7, Vista and with XP (32 bit or 64 bit).Download Camera Mouse 2011 for freeEnjoy....

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