Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Make Free Blog

Bloggeris online service is owned by Google. Blogging is online rning source to written articles and post for the visitors. Blogging is not a source of rning, you get improve your knowledge when you write articles for your visitor. Blogging is siest method of crting a publishing blogs. If you are unfamiliar with this service and have not enough knowledge about that how to make a free blog, so this article tch you how to set account and crte a blog on This article guide you how to crte your blog on blogger. Follow the below steps:First go to the site www.blogger.comEnter your user name and for sign-in. if you don’t have Google account then select signup to crte one.Enter display name to be used sign in your blog which in appr in your blog when you post and click continue.Click crtes a blog nowSelect a blog title and an available URL

Select a blogger template like a below screen shot.

Your blog has been crted. Click start posting
You can crte a new post, edit post under the posting TabYou can also add gadgets into your blog. Go>Layout
Blogger layout is the fture is editing and customizing your bloggerBlogger template is fture if you change the design of your blog. You customize andedit thetemplate

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