Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download Hotspot Shield Elite 2.83 With | Full Version

Hotspot Shield – The program provides data confidentiality and security of your computer when you connect to Wi-Fi access points, including the automatic encryption of all incoming and outgoing traffic. Software provides a virtual private network (VPN) between your laptop and a wireless access point. This impenetrable tunnel protects your e-mail messages and all data sent over the network, from access to spies and s. As a result, you will remain anonymous and protect your privacy.
Hotspot Shield Elite allows you to browse the Internet anonymously. As you move around the Internet, your information cannot be tracked. Elite's service exchanges your IP address for an Elite IP address, keeping your information secure and private.
Download Hotspot Shield Elite 2.83


installation instructions:
1.Copy Hosts file
2.Move Hosts file to C:\\system32\drivers\etc

Your Download Hotspot Shield Elite 2.83 full version free with / is installed.

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