Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Backup app data on Android without Rooting

Backup your Android Device's Appliion Data along with AppliionsBought New Phone or Just need to format your device but don't want to lose all the precious app data such as High Scores, Achievements, Unlocks, Money, XP, Customized app settings, dictionary words and many other things that you've alrdy unlocked but don't want to lose that thing...You can safely backup your appliion data from your Android device itself. Helium (formerly known as Carbon) is your solution.How to use Helium (Carbon) to backup your app data...

Download and Install Helium (Free or Premium) from Google Play Store.Install desktop version of Helium <--- Click here to downloadEnable USB Debugging on your device. (For android 4.2 and up users, go to Settings>About> Tap 7 to 8 times on Build until to you see a message " You are now a developer ")Install USB drivers of your device if you are running on Platform. Plse note that USB drivers that you install must support ADB. (You can also try installing drivers from Update if you are unable to get manufacturer's drivers)Connect your device to PC via USB Cable in PTP Mode (Portable Camera) making sure you have USB Debugging ON.After you have done with this, Open Helium app on your device and Helium desktop on your PC, this will activate Helium to work on your device unless you perform a restartYou can now backup your app data along with apps either to your SD Card or Your PC... ENJOY!!!NOTE: This will not work with Devices due to bug from 's Side...Advertisement --->
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