Thursday, May 26, 2016

Make FREE In-App Purchase on Android with Freedom 0.9.2

Freedom Android App - Purchase any item or Pro Version of Any Appliion from Within Appliion via Google In-App PurchaseDr Rders, today i'm gonna share a simple android app with you, that'll let you perform any In-App Purchase (Purchase from within the Appliion Installed on your Android Device) for Free. The Appliion is Freedom...
Things you need to use Freedom 1. Android Device (Of course)
2. Android 2.3+
3. Root Access
4. Freedom Appliion Installed 5. Internet
How to use:-
1. Download the .apk file from above link or the link below.
2. Install the appliion and allow the root access on prompt by your SuperUser App.
3. Wait for a few seconds and let the list popup.
4. Select the appliion or game you want to run from the list, wait for a few seconds.
5. Go ahd and click on any item you want to purchase through the appliion, whether coins, stars or any other thing.
6. You'll be offered to pay with free credit card via Google Play Store. (Don't Worry that's a virtual card not you Credit Card.. So Click on "Pay Now" button)
7. You are done... Enjoy !!!Note: If you lve Freedom running, you won't be able to use any Google Services or Google Apps such as Gmail, Play Download Freedom 0.9.2.apk
or Download FromMediafire<<----- Click on Mediafire

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