Thursday, May 26, 2016

Change Default Install Storage to External SD Card on Android - No Rooting Required

Change Default Storage for Android Device. Install apps directly on SD Card instd of Internal Storage without Rooting.Things you need to perform this ...Java Development Kit (Java SE DK)<-- Click to downloadAndroid Software Development Kit (Android SDK)<-- Click to downloadAndroid DeviceConnecting Cable
Lets get started...Install Java Development Kit. If alrdy installed, skip to step 2.Install Android SDK. If alrdy installed, skip to step 3.Navigate to folder, where you installed Android SDK i.e.adt-bundle--x86-20130717Into the folder SDK>Platform tools>adb.exeTurn USB Debugging ON from developer options of Settings menu... (Note: Android 4.2.1 and Up users will have to enable developer options to be able to use Debugging Options, for this go to settings > about phone > Tap on build 7 times to see message " you are now a developer".)Now open CMD (Command Prompt) and point to install loion of development tools or right click while holding down shift button and selecting open command prompt here...Now type " adb devices " (without quotes) - This will list all the devices attached to the PC with no. (eg. ABEF - device)Now type adb shell pm setinstallloion 2 (default is 0, where 0 is auto, 1 is internal & 2 is SD card). It'll take a few seconds a minute at the most to show the status...Now every app you'll install will directly go to SD card...(Keep in mind that apps that are designed to be installed on internal memory cannot be installed on to external storage)

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