Thursday, May 26, 2016

Android - Incrse Internal Memory

How to Incrse Internal Memory of Android ...!!!Not Enough Memory on your Android device's internal storage even after moving appliions to SD Card..!! Then this trick should do the rest..

Requirements :
Rooted Device..(ClockWorkMod) CWM Recovery Also known as Custom Recovery.. - Srch on or for version compatible with your DeviceLink2SD - Download Link2SD
NOTE: Rooted Phone is a must.. You must Root your device in order for this trick to work..Root Your Device (Rooting Phone mns --> Gain Administrative access/rights just as Run as Administrator command in 7 or 8)Backup your SD Card.. Copy every thing as your SD card will be formatted while making it a dual Partition SD Card..Reboot your device into Recovery mode (CWM Custom Recovery - Stock Recovery won't do any good..) & Make sure you have SD Card inserted and Backed up before further proceeding.Now select the Advanced option in CWM Recovery and then Select "Partition SD Card" (You'll have to use Volume to move cursor up or down and Power to Select highlighted option)Now Select the desired value of your Secondary Partition that will be "ext2".. as such 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1024MB, 2048 MB & 4096 MB according to your requirements.. 1024MB will be fine for most of the cases. Beware that selecting value higher than 1024MB will certainly take much much longer to Partition your SD Card..Now Swap size will appr. Select 0 MB as Swap Size because you won't be needing to use Swap file unless you have very little RAM (Swap it similar to Pagefile for PC's that act as RAM)After this, your SD Card will be Formatted and Partitioned, Where one will be FAT32 and second will be ext2..After this has been done, Restart your device.Install the Link2SD.apk android app and open the installed app, a popup will appr.Select ext2 from the list popped up and select ok. (A notifiion will appr that "crting / mounting script")Your device will reboot, if not, then reboot manually..Now open Link2sd and a list of installed apps could be seen..Select any app you wish to be moved to SD Card, a popup menu will appr asking for options like "Crte Link", "Remove Link", "Move to SD Card", "Move to Phone", "Reinstall", "Uninstall"..Now select "Crte Link" and Select all options that'll appr such as "Link Appliion File", "Link dalvik-cache", "Link library files" etc. and select OK. (WARNIING: Do not select Move to SD Card option or else your Appliion will be moved to SD card as usually done before Link2sd..)That's it.. All DONE.. Enjoy the freed up storage.. :)Download Link2SD.apk<---- Direct Download Link
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