Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Guide on Getting Approved sy for Google Adsense !!

Google Adsense - Why, Requirements and How to get approved!!! Hello dr rders, this is a very little guide to show newbies/beginners about Google Adsense and How to get approved for it and how it works...
What is Google Adsense?Google Adsense is aflexible, hassle-free way to show relevant and engaging ads alongside your online content and make money, Google Adsense makes perfect sense. You can sily show Adsense ads on your website, mobile sites, and site srch results.
In Simple Words, Google Adsense helps you Monetize your Website or Blog, that you own and can edit by displaying relevant ads, which help you erate revenue...
Why Google Adsense?Google Adsense displays relevant adson your website/blog or your online content (that have direct relation or derived from typed srch or published content) instd of irrelevant ads or ad specific / focused ads as displayed by many other Monetizing Services.It displays High Quality Ads- It mns that before ads appr on your site, they're reviewed by rl people and clever machines. The review process takes into account a variety of factors, including the quality of the ad and target audiences...Live Statistics- Provides users with extensive data that helps users understand that how well their ads are performing...Mobile Interface-provides you with a dedied interface that's optimized for mobile devices - giving you quick access to your account. You can sily check your rnings, get important alerts, and view reports without the need for Flash on your phoneFlexible Ad Control- You can block those you don’t want to appr, and manage how your ads are shown by choosing which ad formats you'd like to accept. You can also customize the look and feel of your ads to match your site.Highest Payout rates- Google Adsense offers highest payout rates per click that helps you erate relatively much more revenue than that of other Monetizing Services...How to Get Your Appliion Approved for Adsense?In order to get your appliion approved for Adsense:First of all, you need to have desire to rn Revenue from your online content...You'll need to have a Website or A Blog or Alternatively you can Sign Up for Google Adsense through YouTube --> Under Account Settings --> Channels Settings --> Enable Monetize option.Select a High Value Niche.. This mns that the niche you select for your website or blog should be of high commercial value, this will aid in getting approved sily as well as of ads displayed on your website or blog will incrse dramatically...Make Sure your Site is well Structured and indexed and is not hidden from Srch Engines / Robots or Web Crawlers... For this, use SEO Tools such as Google Webmaster Tools, Yandex Webmaster Tools and/or Bing/Yahoo Webmaster Tools etc.Publish High Quality Content on your Website or Blog that you're writing to... Make Sure yourPublishedPosts Comply with Google Adsense Terms & Conditions...Make Sure that your Website or Blog receive decent and organic Traffic i.e. it should be erated mostly from Srch engine srch results and should be non-repetitive, this mns that traffic should be erated from IP Addresses different from your own IP from which your Website or Blog is maintained... Your Blog/Website should be performing well enough to grab 1000 Page Views or Visits per day...Make Sure Your Website or Blog Should possess a good of Posts, but this doesn't mn that publishing useless content or Content without any quality or low quality... It simply won't work because Adsense is very Strict in matter of Quality... So, keep focus on Quality rather than of posts because 10 Good Posts will have good impact on your appliion than 100 Posts without quality...Finally apply for Google Adsense when you satisfy all of above elements... That's all you'll need to get your appliion approved from Google Adsense... If rejected even after all, then go ahd and try again... There is no limitation for you to resubmit your appliion for review...Alternate Approval for Adsense:If for some rsons, Google is not approving your appliion, then you can try Alternate way for Google Adsense i.e. YouTube.In order to apply for Adsense from YouTube Account, You need to have signed into your Google account or sign up for a new account if you don't alrdy have...After Signing in, go to YouTube Settings --> Channels Settings --> Monetize option --> EnableAfter you have applied for Monetize option, focus on Uploading s on YouTube, Make Sure the s you upload comply with Google Adsense and YouTube's Terms and Conditions...Try Uploading s with Higher Resolutions i.e. 720p or 1080p...Upload a minimum of 3-5 s in order to get your appliion approved sily... although 2 s will do the trick but better be on safe side than safety...Make Sure s uploaded are more than 30 Sec in length... i.e. s less than 30 Sec will not be taken into account and will not qualify you for Adsense approval... Focus on Uploading s more than 1 min and Should Complying with Terms & Conditions...That's all you need to qualify forGoogle Adsense...Have fun and enjoy your rnings with Adsense all Bloggers, Rders and Publishers...

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