Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blocking/Unblocking a Website or I.P. Address in Environment

How to Block or Unblock a Website or IP Address within your Computer
Follow the Procedure as under :Open the Hosts File, Go to Run Command (Win + R)and type in "C:\\System32\drivers\etc\hosts" or alternatively go to My Computer-> Installation Directory (Usually Drive C: ) -> -> System32 -> drivers -> etc -> hosts fileOpen the file with notepad.. (If you are using Vista/7 or 8, Right Click the hosts file and select properties --> under the Security Tab, Select all options under your Username and/or Administrator such as Write,Rd,Rd & Execute, Special Permissions --> Click Apply and then open that file with notepad - otherwise you won't be able to save changes to your hosts file)Find labels such as localhost and move to the last line and enter the IP address of the Website you want to block along with it's name.It should look like this --> ( IP Address SiteName)Save the changes made by pressing CTRL+S..You have successfully blocked from being accessed within your computerTo Know the IP Address of a Website open command prompt and type "ping sitename" (without quotes) where site name could be any site name you want to block such as Facebook.. It should look like this -->

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