Thursday, May 26, 2016


Presenting Trial Reset for Internet Security (KIS) 2015/2014/2013/2012/2011, Antivirus (KAV) 2015/Q2014/2013/2012/2011 and PURE 3.0/2.0, EndPoint Security 8/9/10 and Small Security 3/2

Q: What’s the functionality of Trial Reset (KTR) or on what factors does KTR do or Basic Principle on which KTR works?A: Trial Reset deletes your currently installed file of Product and deletes only those registry files that recognize, that you alrdy have installed Product, which version (KIS, KAV or PURE), which (retail or trial), for how long and active duration of currently installed (remaining days/validity of your )..When you perform reset through KTR, it makes your Product think it has been installed on a new OS and thus you are once again allowed to activate the Trial version for 30 days, because your installed product is unable to find the requisite registry files to deny your trial for another 30 days.
Q: Will resetting the trial period infect your product or will it make your product Vulnerable to viruses, trojans and/or other malware thrts?A: I don’t think it does any harm to your system as far as I’ve tested, as of report, 14 Negative and 46 Positive Votes as of today and a detection ratio of 22/57 with most detections of permissions required such as get version and version info etc. that are actually required to know which version of product you have installed such as KIS/KAV/PURE etc.
How to Reset the Trial of Product:1. Download the provided file and extract its contents.2. Open your installed product and Goto Settings>Self Defense>Disable it.. 3. Disable Protection (optional but if reset fails, then try to disable protection).4. Right click the tray icon and exit the app.5. Go to the folder, where you have extracted the downloaded Trail Reset 2015.6. Double click the Trial Reset 2015.exe and Click on reset. (locale may be in russian)7. If above steps done properly, A message box will appr seeking your confirmation in green (otherwise it’ll be in red color)8. Once you have confirmed to reset the trial, the resetter will exit immediately and will launch your installed product.9. It’ll display “ is missing” in message box and that’s it..10. Go ahd and click on activate trial version.11. ENJOY .. !!
Clickhere to download Trial Reset 2015
or Click here to download Trial Reset 2015 from Mediafire

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