Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mi3 (India and Global) All-in-one - Stock ROM, Developer ROM, Root, Recovery etc.

Presenting Millet Phone Mi3 WMA (MI3W) India/Global Stock ROM, Developer ROM, Recovery, Root with Instructions.. - UPDATED
Dr Rders, I'm presenting you some basic and advanced tools for customizing and reviving your Millet Smartphone (Mi3) that's recently been launched in India through Flipkart. Always Remember that Unofficial ROOTING VOIDS your Warranty whers Official ROOT Doesn't..
NOTE: Plse keep in mind that Mi3 and Mi3W are two different models. MI3 packed with nVidia Tegra 4 Chipset is named as "pisces" is basically and especially for China region and it uses the TD network, this mns it won't be able to access global networks, whers MI3 (WMA/MA) also known as MI3W is the Global/International version of original Mi3 and is packed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Chipset and is named as "cancro". So don't get confused or mix these two terms and never flash ROMs interchangbly as this will brick your device..

Reclaiming Your Warranty Back:You can always re-claim your warranty back either by flashing Stock ROM or Developer ROM. As compared to , that introduced KNOX which won't let you re-claim your warranty even after re-flashing Stock ROM no matter how many times, Which is why i chose Mi3 instd of Galaxy S5...
Stock ROM File for India Relse of Mi3
Click to Download Stock ROM from Official Link - Updated Link for MIUI V5 34.0 (KK 4.4.4) to Flashable Full ROM WMA India Global Version
Click to Download Stock ROM from Official Link - To be Flashed Using Fastboot Mode Only.. MIUI V5 (KK 4.4.4)
Developer ROM file for WMA/MA China but can be used on any Region (India Too..) - I'm currently running on Latest Developer ROM MIUI 6... :)
Click to Download Developer ROM from Official Link (MIUI 5) - Flashable Update - To be flashed via Recovery mode or Updater App
Click to Download Developer ROM From Official Link (MIUI 6) - Flashable Update - To be flashed via Recovery mode or Updater App
Flash Tool and Drivers:
Basic Drivers are included with the phone itself.. You'll need to connect your Mi phone to PC via USB cable and you'll see a Drive with MI icon labeled as "".. Open that drive and install the mi drivers using setup.exe.. The Locale is in Chinese but has only single option to clicked for install.. So click on that to install..
Mi Flash Tool: You'll need to install this MiPhone - Flash Tool in order to Flash Stock ROM via FastBoot Mode (Full Flash) - Click to Download from Official Link
NOTE: You'll need this 2nd method (Fast Boot) if you have messed up with your device or your device is behaving abnormal..

Steps for Flashing Stock ROM to MI3 Via FAST BOOT:

1. Backup all of your user data before proceeding, this is at your risk.
2. Download the provided official V5 ROM .tgz file and extract to any short folder on your PC such as drive/miui.
3. After extracting the .tgz file, you'll need to again extract the file obtained from extracting .tgz file to extract some flash scripts and s folder.
4. Download these flash scripts and extract to folder where other flash scripts are there such as flash_all.bat,, flash_all_except_storage.bat, etc. otherwise you won't be able to continue flashing.. Click here to download flash scripts..
5. Intall MiPhone on your PC. When installed, open the app.
6. Click on browse and select the folder, where you extracted the RAW files (the s folder), where you can clrly see some flash scripts and s folder. (Remember, there should be no space in folder name, although there could be underscores in place of spaces)
7. Now turn your phone off. When Off, Press combination of Volume Down+ Power Button on your MI3 to enter FAST BOOT mode.
8. When in FAST BOOT mode, connect your device to your PC and let install requisite drivers.
9. Click on refresh button in Mi Flash. This will list your device in Mi Flash and when you can see your device, then click on Flash button.
10. It will take around 120 to 130 seconds to flash ROM to your MI3.
11. DONE...

Custom Recovery for MI3W (WMA/MA Global Version - Cancro):

1. Download the provided zip file of CWM recovery.
2. Place it in your SD Card of Mi3.
3. Go to Updater App and Use left soft Menu button.
4. Touch on Select update package.
5. Navigate to where you have placed the recovery file and select OK.
6. Confirm flashing and Reboot..
7. Done.. You now have CWM Recovery..

Click to download from Mediafire or Google Drive

Rooting your MI3 ..

1. To Root your Mi3, Flash CWM recovery to your MI3 as mentioned above.
2. Reboot to recovery mode and don't do anything, just lve/exit the recovery mode by selecting "reboot system now".
3. At this, you'll be asked to root your device stating "root access is missing; do you want to push /bin/su".
4. Just select yes at this point and you're DONE..

Alternate way to Root your Mi3 Officially: Click here to visit my thrd on Enlish MIUI Forums.

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