Thursday, May 26, 2016

Top 10 hlth benefits of Water

Water is the most important factor for the life. Most of the people don’t know how the important of Water is for body. The human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water depending on body size. Every cell in the body needs water from hd to toe. Following Benefits of drinking water:
1 1.) Lose WeightWater drinking loses your weight because it flushes down the by-product of fat brk down. Drinking reduce the hunger and keep you hlth. By drinking you lose Weight sily.
2.) Brain BoostWater is very help to keep mind hlthy and boost up. A study in London found a link between bringing water into exam room get high marks and grade.3 3.)Keep your Look YoungerLot of drinking water regularly and you would know the difference. Water makes your skin hlthy and glows and helps you look younger. 4.)Help for CancerDrinking the water reduce the risk of Cancer. Some studies show that drinking of water may reduce the risk of Cancer. It can help to decrse the kidneys disse.5 5.)Aids DigestionWater drinking is use to reduce the chances of Aids. People drinks less water complain constipation. Water can help regulate your bowl movements and aids in digestion.6 6.)DehydrationWater provides you oxy to keep up and going. Water helps you to relieve hdache and back pain due to dehydration. Water keep you hydrate. 7 7.)FreshnessDrinking water keeps the people fresh and alert every time.8 8.)KidneysWater is very important for kidneys. Or kidneys need 200 quarts of blood daily to waste and transporting urine to bladder.9 9.)Happy MoodDrinking water keep you mood happy and good. 10.)Incrse the EnergyDrinks it helps you to keep energetic and be alert. By drinking you think and focus better. Water incrses your energy levels.

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