Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to shield your laptop from Verses while not anti-viruses

You se lot oftechniqueinnetto get rid ofthe viruses fromthe PC.HowevernowadaysI’mshar way toshieldyour laptopfrom the verses.
And I assure you these tip100 percentwork.

90take advantages ofviruses enter ourlaptopthrough Pen Drives.Howeverthis willbe prevented evenwhile nothaving ANAntivirus.Let’s have a look athoweveritis oftendone.

1. Open Mylaptop/ Tools / Folderchoices/rd

2.ActivateShow Hidden Files And Folders. Most of the virusesreturnas hidden files.Thusenablingthis fture helps to seek outthem.

3.Currentlyafter youinsert the Pen drivedo notopen it directly. If you open it byautomobileRun or by Double Clicking, ourlaptoparttacked by the VIRUS ifgiftwithin thePen Drive.

4.CurrentlyopenbeginMenu / Srch / For Files and Folders.

5. Herewithin thdvancechoicesCheck "Srch for Hidden Files and Folders".

6. If you get one, in most casesit'llbeANautomobilelastVIRUS.

7. Delete it if notrl.

8.Currentlyexplore forall the .exe and .com files.

9. Delete all those suspicious files you get.

10.Take awaythe pen drive and insert Itonce more.

11.Currentlythe Pen drive is safe and free from Viruses.

12.Additionallyninetytake advantage ofusers use pen drives to transferfootage, Songsand flicks.

13. it’shigherto reptsolelytherequiredfiles from the Pen drive byationhigher thansrchtechnique.

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