Thursday, May 26, 2016

Speedup Youtube s Buffering 3 Times Faster

We all love YouTube as it gives us the power to lrn, listen our favorite music and some times pass time by watching funny s. YouTube is the world’s no.1 online s sharing website with over million new s uploaded daily.

This tell us that how much influence YouTube has over internet users and if someone cannot have access or very limited access due to the slow internet connection than its very disappointed. But there are certain ways through which you can rlly improve the buffering speed of YouTube s so that you can enjoy watching s on slow connections too. Infect by doing these tricks i was able to improve my s buffering speed up-to 3 times faster.

1. Speed up your Internet connection.Not many people know that they incrse the internet connection speed up-to 20% which will definitely incrse the loading of YouTube s. You may be wondering how this is possible. The answer is very simple, kept or stls 20% bandwidth of your internet connection to there activities like Update, Sending error reports etc. So if we change some registry values in our than we can bring back this speed so that we enjoy 100% of our internet speed.
Click on start button ans than select RUN. Type “gpedit.msc” in Run box.
Select Local Computer Policy >> Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Network >>Qos Packet Scheduler >> Limit Reservable Bandwidth.
Double click on limit Reservable Bandwidth and then select enable and edit the bandwidth to Zero.
You will not find “gpedit.msc” in 7 Starter and Basic by default so you have to first download the installer from here. Install it and now you will be able to find this in .

2. Enable YouTube Fther.Some time ago YouTube launched YouTube Fther beta for its users with low internet bandwidth so that they can enjoy faster page loading speeds. For this to activate you have to first login into your YouTube account and than visit YouTube Fther Beta page. Click on Join the Fther beta link at the bottom of the page and start srching s. You will see a clr difference in page loading.
But Fther Beta has also some limitations like you cannot see or post comments. You cannot like or Dislike the which mns that you can only watch the . Also YouTube will only suggest you 5 s related to the one you are watching.
3. Use YouTube DNS.By default our computer’s network card settings are set to Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically which in many cases is good but when it comes to YouTube buffering its better to use YouTube DNS in order to speed up your buffering. Open your Network card DNS settings page via Networking menu in Control Panel and set these values.
4. Install SpeedBit Accelerator.Unfortunately only doing above mention steps or not enough if you want ground braking results. Install SpeedBit Accelerator which is a free software. Install it and after that it will automatically do its magic and you can enjoy watching HD s with out any delays. Not only is incrses the buffering speed but you can also save s from more than 115 s haring websites with just 1 click of a button.

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