Thursday, May 26, 2016

Send and Receive Large Files By Crting A Free Direct Connection Link

There are lots of ways on internet to share files with your friends, family and even the rest of world. In these typical methods you have to first upload the file on some kind of server line, etc and then share uploaded file link with other in order to download the file.

But the big problem with this method is that almost all file sharing websites have some sort of file size restrictions typically 200MB which is of-course now a days with high bandwidth and fastest internet speeds look very small file size. Another problem is download speed, specially if you are a Free member on these sites. Because of sever load on file sharing website servers you get very little download speed which mns more time wasting.

One of the many other restriction apply by the Free File sharing websites is that they do not allow you to download files instantly which mns that you have to wait between two downloads. If you have download a file and want to download another file you have to wait about 60 to 90 seconds. Also you cannot downloadmultiple files from these websites which is also very annoying. So if you want to remove all these restrictions you have to buy premium membership on these file sharing websites. But hold on there is another FREE way through which you can send and receive is a website which has taken this initiative to remove all these restriction so that everyone on internet share filessily and with out wasting any time. is a free file sharing website but its very unique and sy to use. First you don’t have to upload files onto server in order to share it with others. So your precious time and money saved. Secondly you can share unlimited amount of files with unlimited size which is awesome for Free users like us. The file sharing process is very simple, Just visit, from your browser click send a file and it will open dialog box. Choose which file you want to share with your friends and click open button and you are done. Just send file share link which will appr on next screen and send it to your friends in order to download. When they click on that link file start to download instantly with full speed according to your internet connection speed.
ClicktoCopy Ftures:
1. No File Size Restriction.
2. No software installation.
3. Send and Receive Unlimited Files.
4. Send and Receive files in just one Click.
5. No waiting Time.
6. Download multiple files at the same time.
7. And the best part is that its 100% FREE.

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