Thursday, May 26, 2016

Setup con Internet on PC with Mobile without PC Suite

Setup con Mobile Internet on PC without PC Suite through Manual Settings
Dr Rders, to do this, You need USB drivers of your mobile phone be installed on your PC, which you are gonna use for Internet access. In order to access Internet on Your PC, you need to follow these two steps:
Set up a Dial-Up Connection:Click on Start Button and go to Control PanelOpen Network Connections.From the Left Task Pane, Select "Crte a New Connection"A Connection Wizard will open, Select Next and then Select Connect to Internet from the list provided.Choose to "Setup my Connection Manually" and hit Next.Choose " Connect using a dial-up modem" and hit Next.Enter ISP Name as " con " without Quotes Next --> " *99# " as Phone and hit Next, Lve the Username and fields blank and hit Next. Finally click on "Finish".Now you're Dial-up Connection is Set..Set Up Your Modem:Again Go to Control Panel ---> " Phone and Modem Options ".Enter "01" as your Ar and Hit Next.Make sure you Modem is Listed under Modems Tab and is in Working Condition, if your modem isn't listed then make sure you have installed usb drivers for your phone and your phone is connected to your PC in either " PC Suite " Mode or " Connect to PC " Mode. You'll have your Modem listed as soon as your USB drivers have finished installing.Select your Modem and hit on Properties.Now Go to Advanced Tab and enter extra initialization commands exactly as+CGDCONT=001,"IP",""Apply the settings and click OK.You're now Setup manually with con Mobile Internet on PC with Manual Settings.. Enjoy !!!

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