Thursday, May 26, 2016 Servers Down in India or Banned ?

Is down or is being blocked/banned in India ?Dr Rders, your question may be same that whether is down/blocked/dd or why it isn't opening ??Many of you may also know that DoT (Department of Telecommuniions) of India has recently blocked this domain (until further notice)... but unfortunately large amount of links (that contains precious data and information) are stored on this domain by many websites, which may contain information or other stuff that you need at once...Now the big question arises that "How to open link contained in domain when it is being blocked by either ISP or Country" ?It's solution is, You can sily open it by using any proxy software and/or IP hiding software. For this you can try this link Visit Websites Blocked/Banned by Your ISP or Country. For Mozilla firefox users, they can try add-ons from that can change proxy from the browser within... No extra software or installation is needed to use proxy add-ons such as FoxyProxy or proxy changer... You can also use IP hiding soft similarly that Masks your original IP address with a fake one from their list of servers...
How to know what's hosted on the Link and how to access your account page on without using any proxy software ?To open link even it is blocked in India, Just add the "s" at protocol "http" making it "". When you click on this link, it'll let you in and you'll be able to view the file name or Link name which is hosted on the link... But you won't be able to proceed further because the countdown timer won't start because of this restriction by India applied... NOTE: you may have to clr browser's cache and cookies...
A little advice - Before opening any link, make sure same is hosted what is published that you are rding. It is indied on your browser's Title bar and/or Tab button in which the link is being opened... It's good to know what are you being provided because there are many websites that provide information that is demanding but when you click on link, it provides you with nothing but rubbish...

Update: 1 - View Destination Link even if is blocked.

Install adblock extension for Chrome or other ad blocking extension to firefox and Add https:// just before your link that you want to view and it'll pop up a message saying that adblocking software is running and You can see a Continue button at the bottom of page. Click on Continue button and it'll now let you browse and visit the destination site.
Eg: ---->

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