Thursday, May 26, 2016

Review GPS Garmin Nuvi 3770LM

During this Garmin Nuvi's maps of all 2D, but now is different. Garmin Indonesia presents a product with a map display is far more advanced than ever before. If the first map that you see only the form of lines of the road, so now when you pass Jalan Sudirman Jakarta ar, the map was different because the right side of the road is filled with 3D buildings, can even show you a spin around like you're helicopter ride .

So if detailed, Garmin Nuvi 3770LM advantages are as follows:

- Mantugaul there is a different feeling when starting the vehicle, the GPS light up instantly! No boot logo Garmin Nuvi again as long. Instant boot.

- Faster processors, faster processors 3770LM proof is when you open 3D DEM, in Oregon 550 you have to wait so long, but the Nuvi 3770 3D DEM build process is much shorter. Also when you open an full size DSLR camera directly, it looks faster than the Nuvi out of a kind. Mns the process of rendering s is much shorter as well.

- Thin, only 0.89cm. Got iphone 4? was 0.93cm. Thinner Nuvi

- The screen is capacitive like my previous review of the Nuvi 3760, you who have never used an iPhone will have no trouble operating this type of screen

- There and , to be sure your trip will not be boring

- MyTrends, ftures "telepathy" from Garmin

- JCV and lane assist

- Bluetooth for phone

- Update the maps free for life

- Geotagged photo

Here are photos Nuvi 3770LM:...

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