Thursday, May 26, 2016

Review Android GPS Phone Garmin A10

Android users see when and Mobile users will quipped: "Ah can not Garmin android": D

Yes, so far Garmin has not made an appliion for Android that Garmin Garmin lovers who use Android inevitably have to buy another Garmin Nuvi GPS as a guide offline.

Now you no longer need to buy the Nuvi apart because Garmin've made a new Smartphone with Android OS with type A10. A solid collaboration between the Garmin and Google. Google is famous for its online maps with amazing power of Google tracking Latitude, then the Garmin is famous for its maps offlinenya in Nuvi series and tracking with Ciao! a tracking appliion, but the maps offline.

Unlike M10 which rely Garmin Mobile 6.5, where you just enjoy the sweet side but not unplsant Garmin map of the user interface and Mobile appliions that tend to have outdated, the A10 is even looks so stunning, where in addition to the sweet side of the power of the Garmin, the artificial sweetness of Google Android appliion can still be enjoyed as Skymap Google, Google Goggles, Google Translate, Google Latitude, Google Map, Google Gmail, Google places, the Google Talk appliion to market lets you choose 100.000an Android appliion that most free until you "get high "

So the outline according to the title, using Garmin A10, you'll get the best of both sides. Something that has been long awaited by fans of smart.

Plus & Minus following after a week I use as a basic user:


- UI including Snappy

- Yep, this android phone that is like the Garmin Nuvi Navigation with Map

- Fixed all Google apps

- Appliions devoted to the Garmin Nuvifone is Ciao! and can connect to Gypsii

- Appliion of wther and flight status has been the standard

- Google Streeiew combined in the garmin folder

- Position the direction we are moving to follow the compass when viewmap

- With Qualcomm chipsets feels like nuvi gps satellites for the capture speed

- Screenshot alrdy built in.

- Incrsed amazing since I reviewed the M20/M10

- There is a pedestrian mode and driving modes

- Contacts connected to twitter and facebook

- If purchasing a fture needs carkit Car Mount Ftures when installed in a car kit

- Convenient handling, not too big and not too small in my hand

- OS is very stable, there is never hangs

- Theme homescreen innovative, not just a theme, but theme flatten the total, so if you change the theme seems to be wring a different phone

- Loud spkers, no not pick up the phone because his name sounds too small

- rphone conital classified above average



- Not to be at the root

- No custom ROM

- Unable to micro SD memory

- Unable to pouch

- Can not screen protector

- How to open the battery cover is not elegant, like aria/hd2/n97, open model duren

- No flash

- Still Eclair 2.1 (but this is alrdy the second update from the garmin, the first relsed version 1.6 rlier in Australia through Optus network was able to update to 2.1)

- Because not froyo, can not flash, google rth and app2sd

- Carkit sold separately

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