Thursday, May 26, 2016

Make Flash/USB drive Bootable for XP/Vista/7/8 or Linux

Making your USB Drive Bootable for XP, 7 and 8 and Linux and/or based Systems.. (Links Updated)Dr Rders, Today i will tell you about Bootable USB Stick and how to crte a Bootable USB Drive, you don't need to srch the internet over and over again to find the right tool for crting a bootable usb device for your needs...Bootable USB Drive is just like a normal usb drive but it lets you boot your PC directly from USB Stick eliminating the need of a / drive... that'll allow you to perform actions such as Installing an Operating System and / or Running Bootable Iso Files such as Antivirus Rescue s or Other Soft that Run in offline mode and needed to be ed on /'s in the form of .ISO file to become operatable... There are many tools available
7 USB/ Download Tool (For 7 and 8): This tool is provided by itself. There is no need to find or srch the internet for any other software/tool that'll make your USB bootable. This could be used for Making Bootable 7 and 8 Platform USB device... It won't work for XP as it lacks the Install.wim file...
NOTE: DotNET Framework 2 or higher (.Net FX) is required for this tool to work/Works best with Dot Net Framework 3.5... You can sily obtain Dot Net Framework 3.5 for 7 on 's official Downloads Page while you need to follow this guide to install dotnetfx3.5 for 8 --> "How to Install Dot Net Framework 3.5 on 8 All Editions"
Novicorp WinToFlash: Novicorp WinToFlash has always been my first choice to crte bootable usb drives when it comes to XP. It is very simple to use, you only need to enter the path, where you had extracted your .ISO file (or mount the .ISO file and then browse to path). It is very handy tool for XP, Vista, 7 and now it also supports 8...
UNetbootin: When it comes to install rescue s on bootable usb pen drives, UNetbootin has always been my first choice because not only UNetbootin allows you to crte bootable Linux based .ISO files but it also allows you to crte bootable USB Pen drives for Linux Operating Systems and it's variants such as Ubuntu etc. as well... and also allows you to download .ISO files and Crte Bootable USB device directly from within..So, whenever you need to make a bootable USB drive, no matter which family it belongs to, all you need is above listed three free tools... Nothing else.. Enjoy and Click on Name of tool to Download requisite tool...

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