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how to update it with the antivirus avira offline

how to update it with the antivirus avira offline, One of the best free Antivirus is Avira Antivir. In the last few tests, including antivirus best antivirus (rd this and this). But some difficulties with this antivirus updates. Although he was able to download updates frequently fail. What about the cause of frequent failure of update? How to tips for successful update?

Consider the troubleshooting manual update Avira Antivir. Also included an explanation of what it is incremental VDF update (IVDF) and some explanation of this IVDF file.

Automatic Update

For automatic updates via the Internet, there should be no problem. Stay right click the tray icon and select the Start menu then Avira Update will automatically update. Or through the display on the main page. And maybe a little longer. If it does not work, try to directly run the installation file in the folder preupd.exe Avira.

Manual Update

Avira Antivir Update manually, either Antivir Professional, Avira AntiVir Premium, Avira Premium Security Suite and Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus, version 7 or 8, can be downloaded from the same link.

Where to download?
Go to this link and then select Download IVDF (Uni) or directly downloaded from one of the following links (For XP, 2000 and Vista):

The file name is always the same namely

Check whether or not the file IVDF

ZIP file of type update, then we can check whether the file we download is corrupt or not. Just use a program such as Winzip, Winrar, 7zip, IZArc and the like, and open the file. If it can not be opened, likely the file is corrupted (Corrupt). If you can open then use the menu "Test" to check the file, if no error then the file should be used to update.

If you've downloaded multiple times still could not be opened, so be sure to download the program "Download Manager" like FlashGet, DAP, GetRight, Internet Download Manager, Free Download Manager and the like

Know the incremental VDF update (IVDF)

Avira update file is around 21 MB, an update program and virus databases. Update the program is a file type *. dll, while the virus database update file type *. VDF. This virus update file is 4, ie antivir0.vdf, antivir1.vdf, antivir2.vdf and antivir3.vdf. Here's an explanation of ch file:

antivir0.vdf, is the main virus database (basic-VDF), which included when installing Avira
antivir1.vdf, a monthly virus database, updated every month
antivir2.vdf, a weekly virus database, updated weekly
antivir3.vdf, the daily virus database, updated daily

Avira update itself usually between 3 to 7 times a day, sometimes more. Can check here

How to Manual Update
Once the file downloaded and there is no error / , then the update can be done by opening Avira (Double click the icon in the system tray, umbrella or right click and select the menu "Start Antivir"). Once open, choose Update> Manual Update ...

then sought file. Then select Open, then the update process will take place. If the process fails then try to restart the computer first and rept the update process. If you have the restart still fails, then try to reinstall antivir, there may be a corrupted file.

Also still failed?
If the update with the above methods still fail, then try the following alternatives.

Extract the update file above ( in the new folder
Open the Run (Start Menu> Run), type services.msc and press enter or click OK
Will display window "Services". From the panel on the right-click the column hding "Name" column to sort by name from A - Z.
Antivir There are two existing Services, namely: AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic Guard and AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic Scheduler
Right-click and select Stop. If the menu is not active, then right click and select Properties then the Startup type select Disabled. Both do the same thing.
Restart Computer
After that, copy all the files extract the update files in the installation folder of Avira, just stacks of old files. Usually loed in C: \ Program Files \ Avira \ AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic
If completed, Back run (start) 2 services Antivir above (select Startup type Automatic and then restart the computer.

In this way, it can be updated Antivir, but information on the Last Update still does not change, although it was updated. It will be changed when updates are performed normally. If the update methods above still fails, there may be conflicts with other appliions or can be infected with computer viruses. Have questions or feedback plse conveyed through comments. (Http://


If you will do better reinstall the latest download Avira Antivir, can take from the following link (Version: (21:28 MB) (23:29 MB)

If you've previously installed Avira, then you should also use Avira Registry Clner To remove previous settings so that the installation can run a cln system. Download at the following address:

nah hopefully useful info and good luck

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