Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cara Update Manual Security essentials MSE

Use antivirus Security Essentials (MSE) is the first time I wore on my netbook often wr online internet. Install and update antivirus Micosoft Security Essentials, is not experiencing significant obstacles, because all I do online. But after the event "after Wr Warnet Virus Free Antivirus MSE", I install antivirus Security Essentials in computer-computer that uses uine. Be it a computer in an or computer other friends. Now only problem Micosoft security antivirus update these essentials. For computers that connect to the internet always this is not an obstacle, but for computers that do not always connect to the internet, this is a constraint as well. Solutions to the above problems, namely with the download manually update the antivirus files Security Essentials MSE in computer ter-connect the internet and eventually the file can be used manually update the antivirus security essentials or offline mode without internet connect too. File to manually update the antivirus security essential (MSE) is divided into two, namely 32-bit and 64-bit. Use the file type in accordance with the existing computer. Manual Update Security Essentials (MSE) Offline Mode Manual Update to Security Essentials (MSE) 32-bit: or mspam-fe.exe Manual Update to Security Essentials (MSE) 64-bit: or mpam-fex64.exe More information about the manual update antivirus Micosoft Security Essentials is available on the support website . Antivirus updates on a regular basis is the best solution to ward off a viral infection.

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