Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Unlock 8 Personalization Settings and Change User Account Picture

Dr Rders, if you've activated your copy of 8 using KJ's Permanent instd of KMS 180 days , then you may face a common problem of having your Personalization settings locked even after you have "Activate your copy of " message removed. . Such as unable to change User Account Picture etc.You can now unlock the Personalization Setting in 8 and start Customizing your your way. .

NOTE: If you have activated your copy of 8 using KMS , then there is no need for this unlocker.
Instructions: Download the file providedUse the unlocker provided. If you find .exe file not working, make sure to disable the antivirus or manually add the registry provided to your registry.Done !! ENJOY !!Click here to Download (Ad-Supported Link)
or Download from Mediafire (Ad-Supported Link)
if you can't support us - No worries click here for Direct Download Link

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