Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to: Download directly via http and download manager - without any software

How to: Download files directly from http - without any software (You can also use download mangers to resume at a later stage).
If you ever met with situations like you need to download something you need urtly but you're unable to do so because of the restrictions imposed by your network administrator, firewall and/or protecting soft such as cyberoam in your school, college, etc. Now you can download files without using any software.Method 1: Download without using any softwareInstructions:

1. Gotohttp://zbigz.comand follow the instructions mentioned in the picture. (Click to enlarge)Download directly without any software
If you are unable to see the picture >> If you have . file alrdy saved, then click on the "upload . file" button else copy the magnet url from sites and paste in the box just above the "upload . file" button. After you have selected your saved . file and/or pasted the magnet link, Step 2 is to click the "GO" button and click on the "Free" cloud on the next pop-up screen.2.Download files directly without any software
If you're unable to see the picture >> You'll see the progress bar for your current along with the size of your , no. of seeds connected and download speed and files inside your (cloud on left side). You'll have to wait for the progress bar to complete (in blue colour).3.Download files directly without any softwareif you're unable to view the >> Once you've got your progress bar rdy, you'll have blue "Download" button next to where it was no. of seeds and download speed or blue "Zip" button if you have multiple files inside your selected file. .4. You have now downloaded your first without any software or even client. . Remember, You can download unlimited no. of but the size must be less than or exactly 1GB or else this won't work. . .

Method2: Download files using software.This method includes the installation of additional software on your computer. You'll need to install tunneuru. Go to http://tunneuru.comand download the installation package.Tunnel guru is a similar software such as using proxy soft. Tunneuru works on a basis of Client-Server. This mns when you're connected to tunneuru, all the traffic initiated from your side will be directly processed by tunneuru's secure servers and will deliver the end results to your PC as if you were using your home network without any restrictions. Your client's P2P requests will be delivered through tunneuru to your PC. This mns any P2P activity you are crting is being carried out on tunneuru's server side and downloaded data packets will be transferred to your PC instantly as if you were downloading with your download manager via http. Remember that tunneuru's FREE account only provides 150MB per day.

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