Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to send request on a Facebook when you are blocked

Facebook is a most famous social media. Facebook is a grt connection all over the world. Facebook friend request block is very commen dialog in thses day for facebook users. Facebook block you when you sent lot of friends request to unknown people.There are a simple trick to send friends request when you blocked by Facebook.

Following some sy steps :Log-in yourFacebookaccount and get email ofperou want to send friend request to, just seeinghis/her profile.Click on link is good to help you add the people.Open a new text documentNotepad and Add all email addresses to separeted by a comma ( , ).Save it the extanstion of .vcfYou have crted your contact file.Now upload this file on Facebook and you will be able to send request to friends.It is very simple trick yet not known by majority of the friend usersNote: Go the Linkto upload a contact file on Facebook

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