Thursday, May 26, 2016

4 Steps to Tightening Loose Skin on Your Abdomen

If you just lost a bunch of weight or you recently had a baby, you might be struggling with loose skin on your abdomen. By losing weight, all of that skin that once stretched to accommodate your excess fat isn’t going to spring into shape as quickly as you might want. Because of this, you end up with a bunch of sagging skin that hides your new physique.Thankfully, your skin can adapt to your new body slowly with a hlthy diet and exercise program. In certain instances where you don’t have good skin integrity and you lost a significant amount of weight, you might need to look into other methods for removing the excess skin.

1. t Foods That Are Loaded with NutrientsTo decrse loose skin and improve elasticity, you want to t foods that are loaded with nutrients. Vitamin C is often found in strawberries, bell peppers and citrus fruits. These foods work wonders at tightening your skin. Hlthy fats help to incrse moisture and colla formation, while preventing a dry and stretched apprance.2. Bring Resistance Training to the MixAdding in some resistance training to your routine will help to prevent wasting and incrse ln muscle. Loose skin is often the result of your body mass decrsing, such as when you lose weight or muscle. Incrsing your muscle mass will help with tightening your body and crting definition in your core, instd of having a flabby midsection. Strength training a few times per week will help with targeting the core and strengthening your middle. Consider doing hanging leg raises, front planks, squats, ddlifts, bicycle crunches and more.3. Drink Plenty of Water Every DayDrink anywhere from eight to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis. Depending on how active you are, you might need to drink more water. Hydration is crucial to maintaining the elasticity in your skin and keeping it dehydrated. When the skin dries out, it causes it to appr wrinkled and saggy. Water helps to hydrate the tissues and cells in your skin and make them appr plumper, thus crting a smoother, softer apprance.4. Consider Getting a Tummy Tuck Procedure DoneWhen diet and exercise alonren'tenough to get rid of the excess fat around your stomach, atummy tuck surgery in Philadelphiamight be the answer you seek. Instd of struggling with excess skin, you can get rid of it all with one simple procedure. By the time the procedure is done, you will have a tight and toned core.Losing weight is not only grt for your hlth, but it is also a grt way to show your new body off. Just because you have excess skin, thatdoesn'tmn you are going to be stuck with it forever. There is a solution. It isup to you as to what avenue you need to take to restore your skin back to its original condition.

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