Thursday, May 26, 2016

How To Get Good Marks In Exams |Top Tips|

1) Pay attention in your classes.The best thing you can do to raise your test scores is to pay attention when you're supposed to be lrning the material: in class! Letting your mind wander or not showing up at all are both likely to make you miss out on information that will later appr on tests.

2) Take good notes.This is important if you want to have an sier time studying later. Not only will writing the information own as you lrn it help you in absorbing the information and paying attention, but you'll have a reference for when you go to study later.

3)Do your homework.Homework, such as assignments and at-home rding are where you will find the rest of the information that will be on tests, so doing this homework is important. Schedule time and set aside a quiet place just for homework, to help bt the procrastination blues.

4)Ask for help when you need it.If you have a question on something, ask for help, don't just lve it behind. You can ask anybody who has knowledge on the subject that you need help with like your parents, tcher, brother or sister. It will most definitely help you in tests and quizzes.

5)Manage your time effectively.It will help you reduce anxiety and focus on studying. If you have a test next week, start studying now. Try not to study at the last minute and cram the night before. Try studying 1 or 2 hours daily and lve a half hour for homework. If you study before you do homework, it will help you do your homework faster and help you understand the subject better.

6)Always review.After school, review what you lrned that day.

7)Develop test smarts.This will rlly help and incrse your confidence when taking exams if you're familiar with the typical exam format, common errors to avoid, and know how the concepts in a subject ar usually tested.

8)Know your personal lrning style.It will help you maximize your lrning by using effective study techniques, developing mningful notes, and making the most efficient use of your study time.
Linguistic lrner: lrns best by saying, hring and seeing words; is good at memorizing things such as dates, places, names and facts.Logical/mathematical lrner: lrns best by egorizing, classifying and working with abstract relationships; is good at mathematics, problem solving and rsoning.Spatial lrner: lrns best by visualizing, seeing, working with pictures, is good at puzzles, imaging things, and rding maps and charts.Musical lrner: lrns best by hring, rhythm, melody, and music; is good at remembering tones, rhythms and melodies, picking up sounds.Bodily/kinesthetic lrner: lrns best by touching, moving, and processing knowledge through bodily sensations; is good at physical activity.Interpersonal lrner: lrns best by sharing, comparing, relating, cooperating; is good at organizing, communiing, lding, and understanding others.Intrapersonal lrner: lrns best by working alone, individualized projects, and self-paced instruction.
By Author Abdul Qawi

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