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Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Time Table 2014 |Board Of Intermediate|

Welcome to Service To Human AP Intermediate IPE Exams Time Table Board has officially relsed the Public Exams 2014 Time Table and Schedule. APIntermediate Public Exams 2013are going to commence from 12th March 2014 and it is going to end on 29th March 2014.SriRama Sankar Naik I.A.S.,Secretary to the Board of Intermediate Eduion, Andhra Pradesh State has officially declared that Intermediate Public Examinations2013-14 schedule forIPE Exams 2013 and it hasbeen derived in view of the students participating in various National Level Entrance Examinations and competitive examinations. Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate is going to conduct IPE Public Exams for the students pursuing First and Second YrIntermediate courses in Andhra Pradesh State. According to the recent announcement made by Secretary of The Board of Intermediate Eduion, Andhra Pradesh, it is to be identified the main change taken place in the IPE exams for the academic yr 2013-14 will be started with English language exam instd of Second Language Exam as in the following yrs. It should also be noticed by the principals and officialls who are managing the intermediate colleges in Andhra Pradesh and the students must be conscious who are going to appr in the Intermediate Public Exams for the Academic Yr 2013-14, that IPE Exams 2013-14 will be conducted in the morning session 09:00 AM to 12:00PM on every alternate day till the end of exams 2013-14 except the Environmental Eduion Paper which will be conducted on 31st January 2014 starting from 10:00AM to 01:00 PM. Important point is AP Intermediate Board has not yet relsed the Practical Dates for the relevant students for the academic yr 2013-14 and thay are going to be relsed shortly so all the students who are going to attend exams are requested to be focused about the Exams.
The Junior or first-yr exams are expected to start on March 12 and end on March 28.

The Senior, or second-yr exam, is likely to begin on March 13 and finish on March 29. First-yr Time Table Second-yr Time TableDateSubjectDateSubject12/3/2014Second Language13/3/2014Second Language14/3/2014English Paper-115/3/2014English Paper-2

Maths Paper-1a
Botany Paper-1
Civics Paper-1
Psychology Paper-1

Maths Paper-2a
Botany Paper-2
Civics Paper-2
Psychology Paper-2

Maths Paper-1b
Zoology Paper-1
History Paper-1

Maths Paper-2b
Zoology Paper-2
History Paper-2

Physics Paper-1
Economics Paper-1
Classical Language Paper-1

Physics Paper-2
Economics Paper-2
Classical Language Paper-2

Chemistry Paper-1
Commerce Paper-1
Sociology Paper-1
Fine Arts
Music Paper-1

Chemistry Paper-2
Commerce paper-2
Sociology Paper-2
Fine Arts
Music Paper-2

Geology Paper-1
Home Science Paper-1 Pub.Admn paper-1
Logic Paper-1
Geography Paper-1 Bridge Course Maths Paper-1 (for BPC Students)

Geology Paper-2
Home Science Paper-2 Pub. Admn Paper-2
Logic Paper-2
Geography Paper-2 Bridge Course Maths Paper -2 (for BPC Students)28/3/2014Modern Language Paper-129/3/2014Modern Language paper-2

a) Environmental Eduion Examination on 31-01-2014 from 10.00 A.M to 1.00
P.M (One day).
b) Practical Examinations from 12-02-2014 to 04-03-2014 .
The above dates are applicable to Intermediate Voional Course Examinations also.
However, the Voional courses Time Table will be issued separately.

By Author Abdul Qawi

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