Thursday, May 26, 2016

FB Chat Zbot variant virus, a computer so the robot

FB Chat Zbot variant virus, a computer so the robot,- Do you ever get a chat message on Facebook from one of your Facebook contacts? The chat message to a particular link

If you click a link on the chat message, then automatically file the virus will be downloaded to your computer. And if you run the file, then your computer will be infected by the virus.

If you are familiar with one variant of a worm that sprds via chat such as YM (Yahoo! Messenger) or Skype, then you should be wary, because Vaksincom has received reports of attacks worm / rootkit / trojan that sprds using the chat messages on FB. Remarkably, this virus does not take advantage of Facebook Apps Facebook so that administrators can not stop this virus compared with other viruses that rely Facebook Apps.

ZBOT family : Broadcast message
Zbot family is one of the trojan / backdoor designed to stl information / data from computer users especially things related to personal financial data, especially relating to Internet Banking.

While variants of the worm / rootkit / trojan Kolab is one variant of Zbot have emerged since mid-August 2011. This variant has the ability to send a message with a link that has content bervirus. Link that was sent also vary according to the type of variant. Also identified as a Trojan Kolab W32/Kryptik or W32/SlenfBot.

This Trojan has a similarity (or perhaps a part) with the malware group YM (ChyMine / YiMfoca, which is identical to sprd using the account YM, Skype, Gtalk, etc.) because it has a file and the exact same loion with IM malware.

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