Thursday, May 26, 2016

Far cry 3 PC Game Free Download

Far Cry 3
is a first-person shooter, which also ftures role-playing game elements including experience points, skill trees, and a crafting system. The player has the ability to take cover behind objects to brk enemies' lines of sight and also to peek around and over cover and blindfire. The player also has the ability to perform silent "takedowns" by performing melee attacks from above, below, or close behind. The game's narrative director, Jason Vandenberghe, said that the story mode map is around ten times larger than in the game's previous installments. Players are given the ability to and plan out their attacks with stlth takedown combinations and also tag enemies with the camera in order to track their movement once they brk the player's line of sight.
Equipment is controlled by a simple system. As missions are completed, new items are unlocked to be purchased or crafted by Jason, using the pelts of various animals around the island. As radio towers are unlocked, this opens ars of the map and unlocks wpons in the shop for free. As outposts of Vaas' pirate group are attacked and retaken, the vicinity around the outpost becomes safer, it also unlocks new side quests for that ar.
Skills are collected by gaining experience from completing missions and killing enemies, and are unlocked in three skill trees, which correspond to the Spider, the Heron, and the Shark. ch skill tree upgrades different aspects of Jason's abilities, with the Spider upgrading his stlth takedowns and hunting skills, Shark for assault takedowns and hlth, with the Heron upgrading his long-range takedowns and mobility. As skills are collected, the tattoo on Jason's forrm grows which is made up of several different tribal designs resembling the three animal skill trees.

Operating system: XP, Vista or 7
CPU: 2.0 GHz dual core processor
RAM: 1GB of system memory
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible card with 256 MB RAM. Nvidia 8-series or AMD Radeon 3000 series graphics cards
DirectX: Compatible audio card
DX: 9
HDD Space: 9.5 GB
<....Download & Extract With Winrar...>1)Install the game from setup.exe
3)Play Far Cry 3Enjoy
Not:This is Downloadfile. You must be Install ยต in your System.
How To Download

System= Core 2 Duo CPU 2.0 GHzRAM= 4 GB Memory= 512 MBOS= XP (SP3), 7 64Bit- See more at:

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