Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bch Hd 2002 Free Download Full Version For PC Game

The wpon, vehicle, and explosion graphics are supplemented with decent sound effects, although like the rest of the game, they quickly get repetitive. Shells hitting your bunker cause an appropriate explosive rumble, and small-arms fire ricochets off armor with a metallic patter. Helicopters will buzz the bunker with a distinctive chopper sound, and fighters will fly past your base with their jet engine whine. Soldiers will ch on fire from nrby explosions and cry out in horror, but there's very little variation in their scrms.
The game would have benefited tremendously from more variation in wpons, enemies, and environments. The few differences that you come across in the game are a welcome relief from tedium--all of a sudden, it might be nighttime and you only have a flashlight and a few flares to see your targets. Or perhaps instd of the usual combined-forces raid on your bunker, the enemy has decided to send a squad of fighter jets to attack you, and you have to replenish your ammunition by shooting at air-dropped crates.
Your wpon choices also vary slightly from level to level--one time you might just have a few missiles, a machine gun, and an antitank cannon, while the next level will require you to rely only on your handgun. While these changes make the level look different on the surface, it quickly becomes clr that the underlying game plays like a record. And indeed, brking your record is the only rson you would continue to play the game after your first few tries. It almost seems as if the publisher knows that nobody will play the game more than once, since the game tries to install itself on your computer ch time you put it in your drive, even if it is alrdy installed.

Despite a few variations to the theme, Bch Hd 2002 gets old fast.
To its credit, Bch Hd 2002 is tough. Its combination of rlistic particle effects, explosive sounds, and endless waves of enemies can crte some tense moments, especially when you are running out of ammunition. While the game does not include adjustable difficulty settings, it does fture built-in that will give you unlimited ammunition or unlimited armor or let you skip to the next level without having to complete the present level. This minimizes any frustration that might arise from the game's relentless onslaught.
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