Thursday, May 26, 2016

cara update norton antivirus 2011

Alhamdulillah now can write how Norton Update April 2011 The Offline. No less than a month ago, there have been tips how to Update Norton Offline in the middle of March 2011. Now is the continuation of an existing update a month ago.

20110412-003-v5i32, if we look at the file shows that in addition to the Norton Update Defenition Updates on the date the file was dated April 12, 2011. So if we update our Norton Antivirus Update files are then protected with our computer Norton Latest Update April or at lst until April 12, 2011.

More complete we can see the second picture below. Of the users of Norton is no stranger see how Norton antivirus update was successful or not. The first figure is the result updates Norton last month, could be seen:
Last Virus Definition Updates: 03/17/2011 (dated March 17, 2011)
While in the second picture is the result of Norton Update April Manual, we can find:
Last Virus Definition Updates: 18/04/2011 (dated 18 April 2011)
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Update Norton Offline April 2011 (101 mb)

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