Thursday, May 26, 2016


WINDOW 7 Loader Tools Is this one to solve a seven not uine seven uine. For my friend all of a sudden nya walpapernya black, and ch in the locker wallpaper after restart walpapernya back to black and there is writing on the bottom right corner “ NOT UINE”. Now, it can be solved with tools that one’s Loader seven Loader v 1.8.5.
Tools Loader apliion that is widely used by millions of people worldwide. 7 1.8.5 is capable of passing / passing 's WAT ( Technologies) and is arguably the tools

appliions of the safest ever made. How does 7 Loader v1.8.5 is doing injects a SLIC (System d Internal ) into the system before booting melaukan.

Well for all who need a friend's update or - loader 7, can try this one appliion, 7 Loader 1.8.5. Update - 7 loader.
This Loader 1.8.5 suppot with multiple Operating Systems, including:

7 Ultimate
7 Ultimate E
7 Professional
7 Professional E
7 Home Premium
7 Home Premium E
7 Home Basic
7 Starter
7 Starter E

Some of the advantages of Loader:
Work on the 32-bit and 64-bit systems, Compatible with 7 SP1 and all system updates, compatible with all system languages​​, can be used to pre-activate , can be installed with a custom install OEM information, has appliion integrity checking fture, supports hidden partitions and some complex setups, can work alongside Linux’s GRUB boot manager or some laiinya, and much more.

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