Thursday, May 26, 2016

Visit Websites Blocked/Banned by Your ISP/Country

Unblock or Visit Websites that are blocked by your ISP/banned in your Country with HotSpot Shield Elite v2.9Dr Rders, Today i'm gonna discuss about something that is very irritating and annoying for most of online users that whenever they try to visit some sort of specific websites, they see messages like " This website has been blocked till further orders from Telecommuniion Department" or You just see a blank page instd of information, which you were looking for... The situation becomes even worst when you desperately need some information or need to go specific site... for example, Most Popular sites like YouTube, Facebook and other social networking or entertainment sites are blocked by some Countries/Regions... So, now the question arises that How to unblock those sites ?and the only Solution to this problem is either using proxy soft or IP hiding soft...HotSpot Shield Elite VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a versatile internet security and privacy solution. In addition to protecting you from dangerous online thrts, it also protects your privacy and enables you to access any blocked websites and content.Advantages:Visit Websites that are blocked for you by your School/College/Work Place/ISP/Country... It works for all countries, no matter where in the world you live, this software will work and provide you with results.Surf anonymously - Mns you cannot be traced by any website or . The only information they'll be able to recover from you will be your fake IP that prevent you from being traced...Protects you from Snoops and while using Public Networks and Public WiFi hotspots.Installation : Follow the instructions as provided in the .txt text file exactly as mentioned.. Tested by me.. WORKING 100%..
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