Thursday, May 26, 2016

Virtualize your digital world with VMWare Workstation 10.0.3

Presenting VM Ware Workstation – Your perfect partner for crting virtual environment. With VMWare Workstation, you can crte and store multiple Virtual Machines across various platforms and customizations.
Q: What is VM Ware Workstation and Virtualization?
A: Virtualization is a popular word these days. Virtualization is like crting virtual environment, mns running an Operating System within alrdy running Operating System. Basically Virtualization is used for Testing and Evaluation purposes (It should not be used for important functions such as storing any critical information and likewise). With the help of virtualization, you can perform various and countless operations and take on any tasks that you may find unfit for running on your base Operating System.
Example: You want to test whether your system is capable of running other version or higher version of your Current Operating System or you simply want to test some Unknown or Incompatible Software or Game for whether it works or not and how well it performs. If you’re having older hardware and want to know whether it’s capable of running newer version of such as Upgrading from XP to Vista/7/8/8.1 etc. or Migrating from x86 [32-bit] to x64 [64-bit].VMWare Workstation is the base or renderer that provides Virtualization exercise to your system. As if in order to run any appliion or software, you’ll have to have the basic requirement fulfilled such as Installing an Operating System. Without an O.S. you’re not able to run any appliion or perform any action of yours. Likewise VMWare Workstation is the basic platform that provides you with the functionality of Virtualization such as Assigning and Managing Hardware to the Guest Operating System etc.
Know more about VMWare Workstation
Instructions:1. Download the files provided.2. Install VMWare Workstation from provided installation file only. Don't use any other Installation package or it might not work for you.
3. Temporarily disconnect from Internet or Disable your Network Adapter. Goto Control Panel Network Connections/Network and Sharing Centre> Change Adapter settings> Right click on your active network adapter and select to disable it.
4. If asked for during Installtion, enter anyone from list of provided below.5. After the Installation has been done, Install VMWare VIX
6. Restart your system and You're good to go now..
7. DONE !! ENJOY !!

Click here to Download VMWare Workstation 10.0.3Click to Download VMWare VIXClick to Downlod the Rd Me.txt file

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