Thursday, May 26, 2016

Using Free Download Manager In Firefox 6

Using Free Download Manager In Firefox 6, Free Download Manager is a download manager that has long been the default I use and I think this FDM has the performance and excellent quality.

In my ar an Internet connection can only use GPRS, and GPRS network the fastest in the county (max 40 Kbps) GPRS only from Telkmosel. So because the network is stuck in there, but I am not satisfied with the speed like that, then my srch kumulailah om GOOGLE together, looking and looking for some tricks I was finally able to accelerate the interne connection.

This time I will discuss about the speed up downloading files using Download Manager

Sure I'm not too experienced in terms of test trials, but there is little experience that I can pursue to friends,

Download Manager that I use are FDM (Free Download Manager)
Maybe there are friends who used to use FDMnya on Firefox version 5 .. but after the upgrade with the Fire Fox version 6.0 then it is not compatible anymore. Well to outsmart, in order to keep our pet FDM can be run using the following steps.

Download first add on fire fox that is flashgot (gogling definitely dapet aja). Once completed pengintsalan then install it on the toolbar firefox click tools then options, then click the download manager, we assume here we have installed FDM, click on the download manager box will display a lot of names download manager select a download manager that we install. Well finished setting it

Now try to enter the provider's web file free download, click the download link, it will prompt apprs, select flashgot (in the box beside it we can choose a download manager that we've ever installed) then click save then the file will be downloaded automatically using our FDM (or download manager of our choice).

Some days I did a test using the Download Manager is FlashGet and Free Download Manager, I did download the same file on the same site.

In conclusion = I prefer to use FDM because I feel a little faster (be advised that slow connection speeds up the software so it is) and not too disturbing when you are browsing while if FlashGet is fast but occasionally unstable, and the figures showed an average download speed below FDM (the results of testing me anyway) so it's up friends, if anyone has any other experiences, plse comment

UPDATE to the latest fersi FDM is compatible with fire fox 3, so if you want to use it no longer necessary to install FlashGot if you do not alrdy have this plse download FDM here

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