Thursday, May 26, 2016

Update Anti Virus ClamWin Offline

Update Anti Virus ClamWin Offline, ClamWin is an antivirus for Linux called Clamav version of . ClamWin can be used free of charge as well as other program2 on Linux and can run well in a environment. ClamWin Antivirus Pros:

Compared with the other ClamWin very light because it only takes less memory (See comparison antivirus resourse usage in writing "what is a good Anti-Virus?").
Can be integrated with " Explorer" and " Outlook".
Update the virus is quite complete. So far able to ch all viruses.

ClamWin Antivirus Disadvantages:

ClamWin does not provide facilities "system auto protect", so every time we plug a removable , we must first manually scanned.
does not recognize as an antivirus ClamWin. So the security warning will remain active reminder to install an antivirus.
In addition, the virus database updates are not available offline. But with this little trick, ClamWin antivirus can be updated via internet connected computer that is not at all.

How to update antivirus ClamWin offline:

Find a friend or a cafe that uses ClamWin antivirus is - of course that is always up to date virus database or can be downloaded from its website ClamWin virus definitions updates.
Open the antivirus ClamWin. On the menu bar click "Tools - Preferences - File Loions", see loions in the "Virus database folder", therein lies the antivirus databases.
Go to the loion, copy the file "daily.cvd" and "main.cvd" from that computer. Default loion at "C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \. ClamWin \ db".
Copy both files to a computer that will be updated antivirus, into a folder whose loion can be viewed the same as above.
If you exit the dialog box "confirm file replace", select "yes", then the old file new file will be overwritten.
Done. ClamWin you've become enlightened ... hehehe

* Conclusion: There is a very good freeware and proper to use, there is also the opposite. ClamWin maybe one of them is still pretty decent to wr. Unfortunately ClamWin is also no facility "system auto protect", is quite risky for a beginner. * Personal opinion, you know

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