Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trick – Norton Antivirus 2012 Free for 6 Months

We have alrdy shared free antivirus promotions before in which you can get Norton Antivirus 2012 90 days trial and Norton Internet Security 2012 free for 3 months but many people say that 3 months is not enough for them and they want at-lst 6 months free . But the problem is that i have tried hard to find out the for Norton Antivirus 2012 but haven’t succeed. So try another thing and this time i come up with a trick through which you can activate Norton Antivirus 2012 Free for 6 months. But first we look at the new ftures of Norton Antivirus 2012.

Norton Antivirus 2012 is being rated no.1 antivirus in the world and continues its grt reputation. It is so proactive that it can save your computer from viruses before even they damage your computer. You will be wondering how Norton will do this. Well Norton Antivirus 2012 has 4 layers of smart and lit protection which makes sure that you will never come face to face with bad stuff. I have personally use Norton Antivirus 2011 and Norton Antivirus 2012 and found an amazing scan speed difference. Norton Antivirus 2012 is lot more faster in speed and uses less resources than NA 2011.

Another grt fture i like about this new sensation form Norton is that it runs in background so you feel free to work, listen to your favorite music, surf internet or watch . Its amazingly so powerful and light that you dont feel that your system has antivirus install in it. Now you don’t need to optimize your antivirus software according to your system because it will automatically choose best settings for your computer and in just one click you will be able to run the scan. Its also very proactive in telling you about files which may slow down your computer or even crash your system

Norton Antivirus 2012 ftures.1. Norton Protection System.2. Regular checkups and Download Insight 2.0 option.3. SONAR 4 Behavioral Protection and Norton Management.4. Browser, Vulnerability and Network thrt protection.5. Norton Pulse Updates.6. Norton Boot-able Recovery Tool.7. Silent mode.8. Smart scheduler with Power saver settings.9. Email and instant message monitoring.10. FREE 24×7 support.
How to get Norton Antivirus Free for 6 Months.

1. Back in 2009 has givway Norton Antivirus 2009 free for 6 months and guess what this promotion is still valid. You can’t find the promotional page as it was removed by the but you can download Norton Antivirus 2009 with free of 6 months from here(82MB in size).

Download from Link

2. After download the software install it. You will see a screen with big word ZUSTIMMEN & INSTALLIEREN on it, Just click it and continue till end. It was a German promotion so this software will be in German language but dont worry we will tell you how you can use this to activate your Norton Antivirus 2012.

3. After installation restart the computer and then you will see a screen like below. Simply enter you legit E-mail address and click Weiter button.

4. On next page fill out all your personal information because it will be used for at Norton Portal. Again click Weiter button.

5. Now go to this page [link] and login with your Norton username and you have just registered. Click the product name and copy the to the safe place like Notepad and save the life.

6. Uninstall Norton Antivirus 2009, yes you rd it right just uninstall.
7. Now download the latest version of Norton Antivirus 2012(98MB in size) from here.[link]
8. Install the software but used another E-mail to activate it for 30 days trial.

9. Now run the software and on main screen you will see the Subscribe link. Just click on it.

10. On next screen you will definitely see a link I have a or to enter, just click the link and enter the you saved in Notepad file rlier.

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