Thursday, May 26, 2016


SnapaShot is the siest and quickest way to capture screen!You don't need to install it, just download portable archive and use Snapa anywhereSnapaShot is only 106 Kb (only one file)You can cut variable sized snapshots from any web pages, photos and online sSnapaShot save snaps in 5 graphic formatsSnapaShot is free screen capture softwarePRO additional ftures
You get full screenshot quality controlYou get the ability to change brightness and contrast of screenshotPrintingYou can add border, watermark, frames, lines, arrows, s, notes and text on screenshot or any file with You can use visual effects for shapes, text, border, watermark SnapaShot PRO is only 700 Kb (only one file, don't need to install if use portable archive)We provide lifetime support and feedback for all our products You can use SnapaShot PRO and SnapaShot PRO Classic versions with one
Tips & Tricks:You can use several SnapaShot PRO in one time (Options -> Allow to run several SnapaShots)SnapaShots PRO window border can be hidden if SnapaShot has lost the focus

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