Thursday, May 26, 2016

Smart Partition Recovery - Recovery Software (Damaged or Lost Partition)

Smart Partition Recovery - A tool to recover damaged or lost partition of HDD or USB Drive..Ever encountered with " not Formatted ! Do you want to Format it now ? " error, then this tiny tool can come very handy for you. The error occurs usually as a result of removing the drive while it is in use or when it is infected with a virus.. Use this tool to recover your damaged or lost partition of your drive that contains your valuable and precious data and you just can't format the drive to make that drive usable once again..When Explorer does not find a , this does not mn that the data has been lost. The data is OK most of the time, but a boot sector is damaged. Smart Partition Recovery restores deleted logical s. In an automatic mode, Smart Partition Recovery will sily make it possible for you to restore access to the lost sector. You can also use the "Make boot of the system" option to make a copy of the boot sector as a set of files, and later you can use this copy in case of data loss. The saved files can be stored on a floppy , flash-drive or . In a manual mode, you can re-record a boot sector with our file. This may be a pre-recorded copy or a copy of the boot sector of a similar with a comparable size and file system recorded on your PC or another computer.
Note: Use the Run as Administrator command from right click context menu for Vista/7/8 Users.. otherwise the software won't be able to list all or even a single of your attached or primary HDD or USB drive..
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