Thursday, May 26, 2016

Serious Sam The First Encounter Free Download

Serious Sam The First Encounter
Serious Sam:The yr is 2104 and despite rth's valiant resistance, alien invaders from another dimension push humanity back to Mother rth from Alpha Centauri. Sam "Serious" Stone, rth's grtest hero, is called upon as humanity's last hope and chance for survival. Serious Sam must travel back through time to retrieve an ancient Egyptian artifact that will tip the scales in favor of humanity once and for all.

Serious Sam: The First Encounter follows our hero through 13 levels of Egyptian tombs, temples and towns. Armed with ten wpons, he faces hordes of monsters composed of 19 types of crtures with the sole intent of stopping him. Five levels of difficulty ranging from beginner's Tourist Mode to the expert Serious Mode are available. The single-player version offers in-game quick saves for brks from the continuous action.
Three styles of multiplayer action include Cooperative, Fragmatch and Scorematch. The first option tms players together to combine forces against the monsters and maps from the single-player game and the second, Fragmatch, is a traditional dthmatch format of kill-or-be-killed, normally associated with first person shooters. The third mode, Scorematch, awards points for picking up objects like wpons and hlth, killing other players and simply staying alive.
In addition to Internet and LAN options, multi-play includes a split-screen version with up to four players on a single board. After fighting through the single-player missions, crtive gamers can experiment with the map and skin tools provided by Crotm to make custom maps, monsters and wpons.

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