Thursday, May 26, 2016

Review Tablet 7 Iconia W500

You are looking for tablets, but do not want the uncertainty especially terkukung change habits.

You are familiar with , if using another operating system then there is a waste of time (have to lrn again), waste fee (must buy the appliion again.)

But you also want to always follow the latest updates, where the world is a tablet-style culture. Do not have a tablet-style = dd.

What, then the answer?

Here's the answer, Tablet with 7 operating system. With this operating system will remain in your comfort zone that has been formed, for example, want to connect to the printer, connect to a fax, make a network connection in the / house with a LAN / cable.

His name is Iconia W500, W indies because there is also the Iconia A500, where A is the Android. 1 letter to distinguish a lot of things.

Endurance 4 hours - 6 hours is the promise given by . A standard than most laptops, only this time you can bring a laptop without a board. Although the board docking are also included.

Browsing the Internet, clay s, watch s, pinch the screen, an HDMI connection, Dolby sound, Bluetooth 3.0 is only partly given ftures.

Imagine if you bring the W500 to a presentation, then you will not be constrained anything because your must have all the equipment that can be linked with the operating system.

Can a college assignment, or -based work? It also does nothing to fr, just install a PC then it was over.

Ten-inch screen can be fairly arguably less. Quite when the W500 in the arms, but lacking in the docking cradle. Fortunately, relatively high resolution of 1280 × 800 so it does not have a netbook syndrome (truned appliion) or have to scroll up / down too often.

VGA is not included but are not classified as belonging to special nuts because AMD's Radeon HD 6250 256MB have been buried, let alone have an HDMI port. As an answer from the drm to connect the W500 to a larger screen.

Duarrrr, Dum Dum ... wow ... his voice was okay as well Dolby Advanced Audio is available.

But sadly the 32GB hard drive included only supplied shaped SSD. 32GB for 7? You must be kidding . Although no external memory slot memory but never as fast as the hard .

Never lift 1kg barber? W500 weighs two, tablets and docking board 0.97kg 1.58kg 0.61kg it is hard you have to take both.

ring, a separate interface artificial and the is an appliion that answers icon2 7 too mini. more for multimedia access.

Front and rr camera. Honest with a tablet to take photos like you're stylish carrying shields during the war viking era.

USB connection there are four, two in the docking and two in the tablets. It's rlly mostly for the size of the tablet.

And lastly there is the sensor rotation. Like the , but there is a dark moment when played.

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