Thursday, May 26, 2016

PGWARE SuperRam Full Version Free Download

PGWARE SuperRam | 3.34 MB
SuperRam allows you take control of your computer’s memory, how physical memory is alloed and help determine the performance of your computer system. routinely alloes memory to appliions, games and system processes; over time the memory becomes completely used handling all of these tasks.

With SuperRam, memory management is tuned to maintain computer stability but a grter emphasis is placed on computer performance. Once installed SuperRam begins to monitor the total amount of memory your computer has installed, it also monitors when your computer rches a threshold of memory to maintain, when that threshold is rched SuperRam immediately will relse all memory that it determines can be relsed on the computer system back to .

When SuperRam is installed any new appliion, program or game that is opened will use physical memory installed on the computer and placing appliions that you opened previously to use virtual memory. This allows software to run with an emphasis on performance when performance is needed; such as when playing games, editing photos/s, using processor and memory intensive appliions.

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